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Spanish Fork, UT

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Steve Todd
Superb, trustworthy service. They tried to help me over the phone with my broken furnace going as far as to even do a FaceTime video call on my iPhone, but it ended up being a more involved fix. As the technician (Jeff) worked on the furnace, he explained to me what he was doing and how things worked. In the end, no parts needed replacing—it only required cleaning/clearing the part that supplies gas to the pilot light. He was friendly, courteous, and open. I've already recommended him to my friends.

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Kevin Jones
These guys know their stuff and stay up on all the latest technology to make sure they make your experience great. Early this summer we had our AC quit blowing cold. I had a different company come out and he just threw some refrigerant in with old junky meters and I felt like the job was pretty poorly done. Two months later no more cold AC so I called Air Plus. He took the time to check for leaks put in a sealer and 4 lbs of refrigerant (measured and tracked by new meters). We are back to cold AC and I am confident it will stay that way this time.
Karan Chowdhry
I wish i could give him more then 5STARS, Came right away on a call,Just looking at it he found out the problem fixed in minutes and charged very reasonable price. Saved us from this very hot weather :)Thanks a lot jeff .
Shawn Jensen
I was having problems with my furnace and I could not get anybody to come in the time frame that I needed. When I called Jeff at Air Plus he talked me through some of the issues I was having over the phone. We were able to trouble shoot the cause of some of the problem and he was able to get me the part that I needed to get it working again. I tried to pay him and he refused. Very honest HVAC company, someone you can trust. I put him in my phone as my personal HVAC contact because he will be the guy I call if I have another problem.


Dryer Vent

The owner of this home was very happy we found, removed, and replaced the over sized vent pipe before they had a fire. What's lurking in your ducts.